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(Credit: Sports Team)


Sports Team share 'Wicker Man' inspired 'Happy' video


The raucous indie rockers Sports Team have released a new video for their single ‘Happy (God’s Own Country)’ that plays off the camp horror classic The Wicker Man.

Regarding the song’s genesis, the band explain: “We recorded this at the end of last year at a time when it was hard not to feel exhausted by the scale of insincerity everywhere. It’s a sort of Cold War Steve collage, a cut and paste diorama of cronyism, cottagecore and window-dressed Toryism, with the frustrated energy of live performance without a stage.”

Did you get all that? I certainly didn’t, and as a diligent music writer with a real-deal journalism degree. However, I did some thorough research into what exactly ‘cottagecore’ is and, as it turns out, I have been living under a rock for the past two years, as everyone from Taylor Swift to Pixar has embraced the cosy aesthetic.

The song itself is all right, but it’s the video that the band shot that really interests me.

The new visualiser really makes you want to kick back, relax, put your feet up, and watch Nic Cage scream about the torturous pain inflicted by CGI bees. I’m sure the band would say that they were inspired by the original 1973 version of the film, or maybe they would cop to liking the awful 2006 version. Sports Team definitely have a sense of humour, so I wouldn’t put it past them to take achieve enlightenment through Nic Cage punching women while dressed in a bear suit. Whichever version they keyed into, and it’s pretty obviously the former, the result is giddily playful and fantastically referential, right down to Alex Rice’s emulation of Edward Woodward’s attire. Maybe the band’s next video will find Sports Team passively and uninterestedly viewing a little girl get hit by a train.

Check out the video for ‘Happy (God’s Own Country) down below. The only question I still have is HOW’D IT GET BURNED?!?