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Exploring New Zealand's South Island through Polaroid with Paul Hoi

Paul Hoi, Oakland photographer, spent two glorious weeks camping and rambling around New Zealand’s South Island. From witnessing unique sunsets on the Rocky Mountain to hearing the great cracking sounds of glaciers breaking, he experienced all the wonders that it had to offer.

Discussing with Feature Shoot his adventure, Hoi describes how “The two solitary weeks on those roads were two of the best weeks of my life.” He goes onto say how “It’s important to me to push all my work into the fringe of the otherworldly” Which is why he chose to not record the journey, Instead he reimagined it with the use of infrared with help from a modified mirrorless camera with specialised filters.

Hoi really escapes into the realms of fantasy with his images. Hoi enjoys Polaroid as it only allows one to have a single opportunity to capture the right shot, and you don’t know whether or not you have it until you develop the film – that kind of expectation and suspense is what drives the artist.

Hoi, who four years ago ventured to Iceland expired film, is no stranger to solitude, letting his images capture and display his emotions. He discussed with Feature Shoot how on his trip “All of these singular moments seem to compound and take on a dreamy haze when you’re on your own.”

Discussing his favourite memory from the South Island he says his preferred thought is kind of ‘mundane’. Dusk at Milford Sound, two figures in the distance were playing with driftwood “I couldn’t hear the people above the waves and the wind, so it was almost like watching a silent film… It felt weirdly mythical, eternal, although the whole thing couldn’t have lasted more than a few minutes.”