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(Credit: Warner Bros.)


'The Batman' sequel has been confirmed with Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson recently took another major step in his career by starring as the titular figure in the latest Matt Reeves’ film The Batman. Appearing alongside icons such as Paul Dano, Colin Farrell, John Turturro and Zoë Kravitz among others, Pattinson continued the legacy of the popular superhero by taking it in a new direction.

Stylised as a neo-noir cinematic experience, The Batman received critical acclaim as well as commercial success for what it managed to achieve within the frameworks of the superhero genre. Drawing artistic inspiration from other films such as Akira Kurosawa’s High and Low, Reeves’ work marks the start of yet another chapter in the Batman saga.

Since the film came out earlier this year, most fans have been wondering whether this was a standalone film or not. In fact, Pattinson himself had hoped that it would become a series of films and had even joked that he would start making porn videos if The Batman failed to be successful enough to secure future projects.

At this year’s CinemaCon, Warner Bros finally announced that a sequel for The Batman is finally in the works. Most of the cast and crew will return for the new project, including Matt Reeves who will helm the project and Pattinson who will don the iconic costume of the caped crusader in the latest instalment.

“The success of The Batman was a true team effort,” Reeves said while talking about the importance of cinema. “We could not have gotten to this place without … the theatrical experience. For that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. As a lifelong fan of the movies, I treasure what you do. There’s a sanctuary to be found in the movies.”

Watch the trailer for The Batman below.