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(Credit: Weezer)


The affectionate song Weezer wrote about their lawyer


Everybody loves a love song, especially one with a great story behind it. And Weezer is no stranger to some wild tales about their songwriting origins.

Lest we forget the song they wrote using the words of a fan letter from a 16-year-old girl in Japan. A choice which, to put it lightly, aged poorly. Let’s just say their sad-boy-pre-incel tendencies have led them to some interesting lyrical choices. But even I can admit they haven’t all been duds.

I have been personally, acutely aware of one of Weezer‘s pseudo-lovesongs since my youth. As a girl named Jamie, you can bet that I’ve had my fair share of boys sending me the YouTube link to the Blue Album reject simply entitled, ‘Jamie’. The lyrics croon, “Jamie, Jamie, I’m so glad you’re mine/ We’ll be together a long time.” It’s burned into the back of my mind, a relic of middle and high school.

However, upon closer listening, you can catch a bit more detail, such as “You’ve got The Beach Boys, and your firm’s got the Stones/ But I know you won’t leave me alone,” and the much more obvious, “Jamie, believe me, I won’t let you down/ Cuz you are the best lawyer in town.”

I hardly find the origin of the song to be a big reveal or a hidden secret, mostly because it’s literally right there in the lyrics. Rivers Cuomo wrote the song ‘Jamie’ about their actual lawyer, Jamie Young. Apparently, they really loved her and trusted her as a competent professional who had the band’s back time and time again.

Although the song never made it onto their Blue Album, it did get its chance to see the light of day on a few singles as a B-side, both for ‘Buddy Holly’ and ‘Say It Ain’t So’. As for Jamie Young, she’s still a practising lawyer, though it’s unclear whether she still represents the band. However, it does appear that she still works within music and entertainment law in Los Angeles.

If you’re curious to take a listen to the cheeky love song that Rivers Cuomo penned about the band’s lawyer, you can take a listen below (and join me, as well as every other girl named Jamie, in the plight of our middle school experiences). In all seriousness, though, it’s really not a bad song. And, as far as we can tell, at least she consented to the playful song (which is more than we can say for some of their subjects).