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(Credit: Weezer)


Weezer celebrate their 30th birthday

Alt-rock titans Weezer celebrated their 30th birthday yesterday, February 15th. To mark the momentous occasion, the band detailed a heartfelt post on their social media. On this trip down memory lane, Weezer shared a pair of old photographs and remembered the day the band first rehearsed together. Although the band were looking back on the past, they promised “another fascinating year for Weezer”.

“And just like that, it’s been 30 years to the day that Weezer was born,” the band wrote. “On 2/15/92, Rivers Cuomo, Patrick Wilson, Matt Sharp and Jason Cropper met at TK Productions at 1956 Cotner Ave in West LA, for the first of 3 days of rehearsals, running through about 20 different songs numerous times, including a few songs that would make it to the Blue Album 2 years later”

They continued: “So here we are on 2/15/22, 30 years on. So much has happened, so many songs, albums, singles, soundtracks, fans, tours, shows, photo shoots, interviews, so many good times – and a few bad ones here and there of course. Brian joined us when Jason left, Mikey joined us when Matt left, Scott joined us when Mikey left. We’ve gained countless thousands of great friends, and lost some of our dearest friends, including Mikey, Ric Ocasek, and Mykel and Carli Allan, who started the Weezer Fan Club.”

The post explained: “So much has changed, and yet, having been there for it for every step of the way I can truly say that for all the changes and amazing adventures that have happened, the spirit of Weezer has not changed hardly, if at all. Everyone still just wants to make great music, rock out and keep things interesting. And 30 years on, we are nowhere near the end of the story.”

The band appended: “Thank you for sticking with us, 2022 is going to be another fascinating year for Weezer and you. – karl #karlscorner #SZNS #hearyoume”

Weezer are only getting going for this year. In June, the California band will join Green Day and Fall Out Boy for the long-awaited ‘Hella Mega Tour’ for a run of dates across the UK and Ireland.

See the full post, below.