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(Credt: The 1975)


The 1975 share new single 'Part of the Band'

The 1975 - 'Part of the Band'

Earlier this week, indie pop experts The 1975 revealed that new music was on the way. Long term, that meant a brand new album, Being Funny in a Foreign Language, but it also meant a new single, ‘Part of the Band’.

Matt Healy is almost certainly the only person I’ve ever heard attempt to rhyme “hinges”, “cringes” and “heroin binges”. The entire song is filled to the brim with terms and phrases that may or may not age particularly well, including “Vaccinista”, “ironically woke” and the mouthful of a line: “I like my men like I like my coffee – full of soy milk and so sweet it won’t offend anybody whilst staining the pages of The Nation.”

At the centre of it all is an orchestra arrangement that’s part bitter folk lament and part gorgeous string loop. Miles away from the dancefloor-ready rhythms and poppy melodies of the band’s past, ‘Part of the Band’ is melancholy and mournful in a way that doesn’t seem to line up at all with the jumble of thoughts pouring out of Healy’s mouth.

‘Part of the Band’ seems intent on juxtaposing its beautiful instrumentation with logic-pushing lyrics. Whether Healy is being purposefully provocative or just shitposting is impossible to know for sure — we live in an age where the difference between the two is razor-thin, and no offence to him, but Healy is hardly the premier example of a deft lyricist who can toe that line perfectly.

Ultimately, the best way to enjoy ‘Part of the Band’ is to let it wash over you without thinking too hard. If you were cynical, you could say that this technique works for all of The 1975’s material. If you’re a fan, ‘Part of the Band’ probably won’t rank near the top of your favourite songs from them, but it’s an interesting turn of direction from a group who have dedicated quite a bit of their discography to fluffy nonsense.

Check out the video for ‘Part of the Band’ down below. Being Funny in a Foreign Language is set for an October 14th release.