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(Credit: Markus Hillgärtner)


The 1975's Matty Healy once named his favourite song of all time


The 1975’s Matty Healy once revealed his favourite song of all time, and it will be shared by many of a similar age. LCD Soundsystem’s ‘All My Friends’ has been with him since he was a teenager. It’s a song he’s channelled throughout his career.

Healy was coming of age when the track was released in 2007, and it spoke to him on a profound level. Although it didn’t do well commercially at the time of its release, it not only defined the career of James Murphy’s LCD Soundsystem, but a whole generation held similar feelings towards the song as The 1975 frontman.

If somehow you’ve lived under a rock for the last 15 years, it’s a beautiful seven and a half minute epitaph of friendship, youth and lust for life. ‘All My Friends’ is filled with appreciation, and although it comes from Murphy’s personal experiences he’s collated on his journey, everybody can connect to it on some level.

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In 2016, The 1975 singer appeared on the NPR series, All Songs Considered, and he waxed lyrical about the tracks which have had the greatest impact on his life.

“It’s so funny and beautiful,” Healy said about ‘All My Friends‘. “That album would have come out when I was like 16. I remember hearing that song and thinking ‘OK, that’s it – I’ve found my forever song’. I’d found the song that I knew was going to inform every single song that I ever did.

“We could get into a musical conversation where we talk about the technicalities, about the fact that it’s two notes, it resolves every couple of bars but it feels like this completely unresolved piece of music that’s never going to end.”

As Healy pointed out, part of the beauty of ‘All My Friends’ comes from its simplicity, and its infectious nature means that after one listen, it’s impossible to get out of your head.

The 1975 singer continued: “It’s like ‘Sledgehammer’ by Peter Gabriel – it’s got to fade out on it because that beat keeps going, it’s the same kind of thing with this. This song; it makes me think about life, it makes me think about death, it makes me think about friends past and present and it’s kind of everything to me.

“I have rinsed this song in my career – technically, emotionally, and I say that with an unabashed freedom because I realised that if I wanted to do it, it needed to be as good as this. It needed to be funny, it needed to be self-aware, it needed to be beautiful, it needed to be culturally aware, but it also worked as a piece of pop music in the way that great pieces of pop music do.”

Healy undoubtedly has taken inference from ‘All My Friends’ with The 1975, but he’s not the only one, and it’s arguably one of the most influential songs of the 21st Century. If, somehow, you’ve never seen LCD Soundsystem perform the hit track before, watch the footage below from their farewell concert at Madison Square Garden in 2011.