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Telegram - Regatta

Just days after we caught them on the live stage in Manchester on tour with The Horrors, we’ve chosen Telegram’s ‘Regatta’ as our Track of the Day.

The London-based quartet have still to really lay their cards on on the table having only released a couple of singles thus far, but if this latest offering is anything to go by, their debut LP looks set to be stormer.

Albeit a little a softer than its predecessor ‘Rule Number One’, ‘Regatta’ again showcases the band’s brand of driving punk-rock which has been sending fans and critics wild for over a year now.

There’s an undeniably chantable chorus and even a couple of handclaps, making this an almost too-good-to-refuse combination of rock ‘n’ roll boisterousness and stomping glam.

The video may profile the band indulging in a night out in Tokyo, but the swashbuckling sound of the track – and of course its subject matter – would see them more at home scaling the high seas. In a way it does kind of come across as a long-haired, tight-jeaned sea shanty.

With ‘Follow’, ‘Rule Number One’ and now ‘Regatta’ out there for all to hear, it can only be a matter of time before Heavenly Recordings make concrete plans for a full-length release. Here at Far Out, we can’t fucking wait.

Patrick Davies