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Telegram - Follow


Today’s track of the day Follow, soon to be released by eccentric London quartet Telegram, is teeming with screaming wah pedals, raw lyrics and compelling drums. The band consists of singer Matt Saunders, guitarist Matt Wood, bassist Oli Paget-Moon and drummer Jordan Cook.

Telegram will be the most atypical band you will hear this year, they played their first gig in May, and are yet to release their debut single. However, despite lacking in longevity, Telegram are set to support the Manic Street Preachers in front of 2,000 people. This follows the band’s appearance in session on Mark Riley’s BBC6 Music show and their subsequent deal with the Manic’s manager Martin Hall.

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There is a reason for Martin’s audacious gamble and their timely success, and that is because of the strength of the sound the band produces. Their live shows are full of energy, and the single ‘Follow’ is an embodiment of this. There is an amalgamation of styles and inspirations that has resulted in an enduring, yet fresh sound, the listener can place the band’s inspiration for their sound in Brian Eno’s debut album ‘Here Comes The Warm Jets’. However the interlinking bass and guitar riffs nod towards 80‘s post-punk artists along the lines of Teardrop Explodes and Julian Cope, or something more modern, perhaps Toy while Matt’s vocals also have undeniable similarities to Paul Smith (Maximo Park vocalist), albeit considerably more gritty.

Follow sets a precedence in Telegram’s career that will be tough for them to recapture and its raw power, stemming from the driving guitar riff, will be a perfect accompaniment to the Palma Violets when they support their UK tour in November. It will be extremely exciting to hear what Telegram have in store for us in the near future.

Up until now, I haven’t mentioned the elephant in the room, and it’s a pretty big elephant, the haircuts, dress sense and general appearance of Telegram is phenomenal, they’re clad in leathers, don big haircuts and there’s even a bushy moustache for good measure. The band’s appearance suggests a metaphorical two fingers up to everyone as their style of music goes against convention, Telegram don’t follow suit in the music business like other bands and with this hostility comes the appeal to join them,  our beckoning being their track Follow.

Hopefully Telegram’s distinguished look and lasting sound will be an unwavering resurgence of everything that has inspired them. But instead of a revival, they also bring something new to fruition, a blend of sharp contemporary sounds influenced by much earlier styles.

Jake Setterfeild.