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Telegram - Rule Number One


After successful tours with Palma Violets and Temples, Far Out favourites Telegram have done what any sensible band would do in this declining climate and released the follow up to their barnstorming track Follow as a free download. Rule Number One the aforementioned release, available on the band’s own label Gram Gram records, is our Track Of The Day and it’s all you need to banish the week’s prefix and concentrate your brain to the sumptuous suffix.

With all the posto-punk vibes that have seen Telegram grow from strength to strength across the industry, the track also dabbles with 60’s vocals and a heavier rhythm to tantalise even the biggest foot-stomper. Furiously pounding at the rock and roll door Matt Saunders’ vocals reverb and resonate in equal measure, backed by a ferocious riff laden fuzz epitomised in the crashing chorus.

Rule Number One is introduced by a cacophony of chaotic distortion which veers away to display the pop sensibilities rooted within the band, as verses lick and hook like an over-medicated fisherman. This is now becoming the band’s vision and self-fufilling trademark as they look to blend Britpop nuance with Buzzcock simplicity and intensity.

With a new tour with Miles Kane on the way, Telegram are doing things the right way. Not only with decent support slots and free downloads (let’s face it we can all find any song for free, if we look hard enough) but also learning their craft of building brash and bruising rock and roll filled with punk wit, 60’s style and ever-glowing detail. It’s a comprehensive style which will look to further cement it’s rightful place among the building reclamation of alternative music set for 2014. We can’t bloody wait.


Jack Whatley