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Foo Fighters' drummer Taylor Hawkins renames Noel Gallagher as 'Potato Gallagher and The Low Charting Turds'


Taylor Hawkins was in the Radio X studio recently where he publicly declared himself as a fan of Liam Gallagher and called his brother, Noel “Potato” Gallagher, a “jerk”, after the Oasis guitarist made a series of jokes about the Foo Fighters.

The conversation arose as Liam Gallagher flashed up on the screen as he was the next song to be played on the show. Hawkins, who was in the studio promoting his new band Taylor Hawkins and The Coattail Riders, said: “He’s my mate. He’s my bro. I love him.”

As the hosts of the show said that they were part of ‘Team Noel’ during the ongoing feud between the Gallagher brothers at the heart of Oasis, the drummer said: “And you guys said you’re on the Noel Gallagher side? I’m not. At all. The opposite.”

“So we played the Reading Festival and I had a picture of the Gallagher brothers on my kick drum,” explains Hawkins. “Then I went up front to sing a song and Dave went back to the drums, and I looked back and said, ‘Isn’t it great to have the Gallagher brothers back together again?’

“And then I said, ‘Let’s all sign a petition to get Oasis to do a song again,’ out of love for their music. Nothing else.” Naturally, as anyone who has been following Noel for a while will tell you, Gallagher is not one for adoration from those he deems unworthy.

Hawkins went on: “So Noel Gallagher, who was opening up for Smashing Pumpkins in America, and first night he goes, ‘Let’s start a petition to get the Foo Fighters to break up.’ And I’m like, OK that’s kinda funny, whatever…”

“And then next night he goes, ‘If the drummer from Nirvana…’ – Now Noel, if you’re hearing this. He didn’t say it I said it. […] He didn’t even say Dave, you know as if to lower him – ‘… wants Oasis to get back together he can come up on this stage right now and suck my you know what…'”

“But I’m hoping now that he will lighten up a little bit and come to his senses and get the good singer back for his band. That’s what I’m hoping. I just think that would be really nice, because everybody wants to see that.” It’s true, we really do want to see it and Glastonbury 2020 won’t headline itself boys…

Hawkins then went on to compare the brothers’ solo careers, suggesting that Liam Gallagher is in a far better position these days. “And Liam’s having a lot of success. I mean, he’s doing two nights at The O2 Arena. Do you think that Potato Gallagher and the Low Charting Turds could do two nights at The O2 Arena,” laughed the drummer.

Watch the hilarious exchange below where Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins gives Noel Gallagher the ribbing he’s been waiting for.