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Credit: Abby Gilliardi


Tame Impala show off their "more relevant" sales certifications over Spotify Wrapped


Timelines across the world have been littered with screenshots of Spotify’s Wrapped feature of late. With artists being offered the chance to share their listening stats on the streaming website, Tame Impala have chosen to instead share their impressive sales certifications.

Spotify’s yearly feature ‘Wrapped’ lets music listeners see who their favourite artist of the year was, as well as their favourite songs and how long they listened to them all – the streaming figures have been a point of conversation across social media.

The feature extends beyond listeners to artists too. For them, the feature reveals the number of streams and listeners they’ve had throughout the year as well as the number of hours fans have spent listening to their music.

While most artists have enjoyed sharing the stats, Tame Impala took to Instagram to share something “more relevant”, their sales certifications. The caption read, “Was about to post the Spotify thing but this email to my manager seems more relevant.”

In the email, the band’s songs ‘Feels like We Only Go Backwards’ and ‘Let It Happen’ are listed as Gold. ‘The Less I Know the Better’ is listed as Platinum due to “the track going viral on Tik Tok this year!”

You can see Tame Impala’s “more relevant” stats below.