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(Credit: Greg Lewis)


Tame Impala’s Dominic Simper shares debut EP as Bambi


Tame Impala touring member Dominic Simper has shared his debut solo EP Unfolding under the pseudonym of Bambi.

The release was recorded while Simper was living in The Netherlands, and mixed by POND’s James Ireland back in Fremantle.

“Unfolding encapsulates the underlying movement behind everything,” says Dominic on the EP, which is also available on special edition white vinyl for you record collectors out there. “Each second the course of our lives, our relationships, our hopes and dreams are unfolding,” he added.

“Everything is always evolving and changing – there’s no such thing as staying still, despite our seemingly inherent desire to hold onto things as they are. This applies to the music as well – I love the idea of rather simplistic melodic fragments bending, weaving and dancing their way around each to create movement,” said Simper in a statement.

Listen to the EP, below.