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(Credit Tame Impala)


Tame Impala's 'The Less I Know The Better' transformed by new 8D technology


Tame Impala’s stunning ‘The Less I Know The Better’ has been transformed with new audio technology that has made it an audio experience like no other.

Even though social distancing measures have been eased, the idea of live music feels like a distant memory and it doesn’t look like it will be returning in the form we know and love until at least next year. In a bid to indulge music in a different format to what we know, a new online phenomenon is sweeping the world of music as ‘8D audio’ offers a completely unique take on the sonic experience. Shifting the sound from left to right and back again, 8D music allows the listening to submerge themselves deeper into the sound of the material.

While the craze began with a universally shared WhatsApp message, which came with an accompanying house music track, has now transcended into a wide-ranging online movement with numerous iconic songs from the past being brought forward into the present. “Listen to this song with headphones (put on the 2 headphones). It is the new music of the Pentatonix, composed with 8D technology. Listen to it only with headphones,” the original message advised.

The technology, on a physiological level, attempts to tap into a sensation of hearing a binaural recording. “It will be the first time that you will listen to that song with your brain and not with your ears,” the message continues. “You will feel the music from outside and not from the headphones. Feel the effects of this new technology.”

The track is Kevin Parker’s most-streamed song by distance with ‘The Less I Know The Better’ clocking up a staggering 580 million plays on Spotify alone but it wasn’t even intended to be a Tame Impala track originally with Parker’s initial intension to give the track to Mark Ronson for Uptown Special but felt it was too good not to keep.

He was worried about asking Ronson if he could re-claim the track and was putting it off but finally mustering up the strength, Parker told GQ Australia that Ronson responded: “Oh yeah, dude, I was going to say this song is yours. I feel like I’ve stolen your hard drive!”

Parker has expanded on this not being a typical Tame Impala song, telling Under The Radar: “That song originally I thought shouldn’t be on a Tame Impala album, because it has this dorky, white disco funk. I wouldn’t call it cheesy, but it’s not trying to be too cool, because the lyrics are pretty dorky and the groove is pretty dorky. But at the same time, for me, I love that kind of music. I don’t know why, but I’ve been obsessed with disco for the last year or two.”

Plug in your headphones and listen to the incredible 8D version, below.

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