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(Credit: Abby Gilliardi)


Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker reveals how Mark Ronson inspired ‘Currents’

Tame Impala’s creative force, Kevin Parker, has revealed how help from Mark Ronson inspired him to create the band’s now-iconic third studio album Currents.

The record, which propelled Tame Impala to new heights of critical and commercial success, is celebrating its fifth birthday on July 17th which has left Parker in reflective mood.

The album was famously written, recorded, performed, and produced by Parker alone, a groundbreaking moment which saw the band’s primary member mix all the music and recorded all instruments by himself without any other collaborators.

Featuring hit singles such as ‘Let It Happen’, ‘Cause I’m a Man’, ‘Eventually’ and more, Parker managed to channel his creative vision into the perfect pop record for the first time.

“Mark’s a big reason why I had the confidence to do what I did with ‘Currents’,” Parker told NME. “He showed me how pop music could have such a craft to it.”

He added: “Whenever I’m recording with lots of people, like we did on ‘Uptown Special’, it makes me think about how solitary my process is. It puts into perspective just how alone I am when I’m working.

“It’s such a deep, dark well making a Tame album. I love doing that, but it makes me realise that Tame Impala will never be that communal experience.”