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(Credit: Abby Gilliardi)


Tame Impala's Kevin Parker discusses his musical process with Rick Rubin


Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker has offered up a candid view into his creative process as part of Rick Rubin’s Broken Record podcast, as the musician shared a rare a cappella voice memo that would become a Tame Impala song.

Parker describes the skeletal song structure as “very candid” and offered further insight into how he makes his music during the chat with the celebrated producer, Rubin.

Parker was invited on to Rubin’s Broken Record podcast for the 29th episode and discussed over Zoom how Parker builds out his songs for Tame Impala.

Never one to shy away from discussing his music, the Aussie rocker confirmed that rather than thinking of entire song structures, Parker sews together fragments.

“It’s like flicking on the radio… [when you flick on the radio] it’s not like starting the song. It’s like coming in halfway through a chorus. And then I do my best to get to a place where I can record it, before I forget it… It’ll be like two bar, or a one bar piece of music,” said Parker.

“The only thing that I’ve noticed as a pattern… is going from a loud place or a place with a lot of energy to stepping outside… going from lots of shit going on and thinking to suddenly nothing and then my brain has to find some way to fill that void.”

You can listen to the entirety of the podcast below as Kevin Parker and Rick Rubin discuss making music together on Broken Record.