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Swim Deep and Hatchie deliver new song ‘World’s Unluckiest Guy’

Swim Deep, Hatchie - 'World's Unluckiest Guy'

Birmingham indie outfit Swim Deep have teamed up with Australian singer-songwriter Hatchie for a dose of dreamy, wistful pop with the new single ‘World’s Unluckiest Guy’ from the forthcoming collaborative EP titled Familiarise Yourself With Your Closest Exit.

Breezing along on a repetitive drumbeat and sharpened acoustic major strumming refrain, the song delivers a patch of spring to doleful midwinter topped off with lines about “blue skies” and “sunshine”. This sonic theme creates a sound that refreshingly contrasts the doomed title of the track.

Speaking about the collaboration, Swim Deep’s frontman, Austin Williams, revealed: “After being a fan and then friend, I reached out to Harriette [Hatchie] asking if she would do us the honour of featuring on our then unfinished song. What came back was something far grander and more magical than I could ever imagine.”

While the collaboration might seem somewhat hodgepodge from that statement on the surface, the track that they have produced is a perfectly realised bop that implies that the artists have forever sung from the same musical hymn sheet. There is a unified feel to the song as though the prodigious Hatchie has always been part of the band.

While a dower faced few might call the track overly simple, unchallenging and teeny, it would seem that the record is set to capture a wider number of fans for both emerging talents as it joyously highlights just how much of a boon a rolling little ditty can be.

As of yet, no release date has been set for the collaborative EP, but the release of the single and the statements surrounding it surely hints that Familiarise Yourself With Your Closest Exit will be on the way soon. Thereafter, it will no doubt become a humble part of the soundtrack to spring for a growing number of fans. 

You can check out the bittersweet tale lifted with a sanguine sound below.