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(Credit: Press / Kamran Khan)


Swim Deep’s Tomi Tomaski releases debut single ‘Pure Air’

'Pure Air' - Tomi Tomaski

After successfully finding fame and fortune with bands like Swim Deep and Childhood, Normandy-born Tomi Tomaski has released his starry-eyed indie debut single. With a song that resonates driving down the motorway at night vibes, Tomaski admitted it was time to release a debut album and ‘Pure Air’ would be the first single to represent the record.  

Since moving over to the UK ten years ago, the multitalented Tomaski has found no shortness in success having played the drums for Swim Deep, bass for Childhood and piano for Fake Laugh. It’s no secret that he has plenty of contacts in the indie scene, and his repertoire from a nice selection of bands reflect that.  

“When I moved to London, I planned to stay in the back and make my way into the scene, gradually, Tomaski said. “I’d start doing my own thing after that. Now, I’ve released a second album with Childhood, a third album with Swim Deep — but I’ve never done a debut. And that’s my ambition”.  

Inspired by the likes of Julian Cope, Cocteau Twins, and Serge Gainsbourg, ‘Pure Air’ implements dream-pop pads and synths that complement the ’80s sounding track nicely, creating a masterpiece that Tomaski said is about “being in love so hard that your other half becomes your bottle of oxygen.” The song features an array of subtleties, like the synthesized arpeggios in the chorus, which truly highlight the attention to detail that he has gone into to create this dream-pop track. His tranquil vocals are backed with harmonies that create a trance effect and helps piece together the dreamy sounding debut. 

Tomaski, also known as Thomas Fiquet, boasts the ability to write emotionally exceptional lyrics in rapid time, creating ‘Pure Air’, a song about being painfully in love, in just under five minutes. The material arrives the first lyrics he had written in nearly three years after releasing album number three with Swim Deep. 

Listen to ‘Pure Air’ below.