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(Credit: Superorganism)


Superorganism team up with Stephen Malkmus and more for 'Into The Sun'

Superorganism - 'Into The Sun'

Superorganism have just released a new single. Taken from their forthcoming second album World Wide Pop, ‘Into The Sun’ features a stunning array of guest collaborators including Pavement’s Steven Malkmus, Japanese actor and musician Hen Hoshino, French artist Pi Ja Ma and producer Axel Concato.

The perenially inventive music collective have shared ‘Into The Sun’ alongside a new animated music video. Directed by AEVA, the visual blends 2D and 3D animation by Neirin Best and Nicholas Barnes and is based on a concept developed by the band. According to guitarist Harry, the video “stemmed from the lyric about being a fruit fly, watching the world go by, whilst nature and time flow by around you”.

Harry continued: “We liked the idea that the seed planted by one person can grow into a tree that is enjoyed by another, and that the fruit of that tree provides the seed of the next.” The guitarist also reminded viewers to keep an eye out for an especially bizarre on-screen cameo: “Gen Hoshino as a fly buzzing around cracks me up too.”

Opening up about the new single, Harry said: “The whole record is all about combining different worlds and scales, so it was a real thrill to be able to mix Gen into a track with Malkmus and Pi Ja Ma. It’s a carefree song, somewhat about being in your own bubble, so bringing those French, American, and Japanese artists into that world reconnects the SuperO universe with these other bubbles — a bit of a multiverse!”

‘Into The Sun’ marks the second time Pi Ja Ma and Malkus have appeared on a Superorganism track. The former appeared on World Wide Pop’s lead single ‘Teenager’, which was shared back in March. Malkmus, meanwhile, guested on ‘It’s Raining’. According to vocalist Orono, the recording “came together super naturally, a cute little lovebug song moment.”

World Wide Pop is slated for release on July 15th via Domino. Pre-orders and ongoing. The band will also embark on a tour of North America and Europe in September, so keep your eyes peeled for that one.