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(Credit: Masao Nagasaki)


Watch Pavement play a game of tennis against Tim Heidecker


Back in May, Pavement member Bob Nastanovich accepted a tennis challenge from Tim Heidecker. Never one to go back on his word, Nastonovich hired bandmate Stephen Malkmus and committed to a game of doubles against the comedian and his Office Hours podcast co-host DJ Douggpound. You’ll be pleased to hear a video of the match has just been released.

Steve West (Pavement’s drummer) and third Office Hours co-host Victor Berger IV served as ballboys for the half-set match. It was previously agreed that the winning team would be the first to reach three games. In the end, the Office Hours duo lost the first fame to Malkmus and Nastanovich, despite winning the racket toss and serving first.

Heidecker had a burst of confidence in the second game and managed to tie the match at 1-1. His teammate, Douggpound, subsequently delivered an artful serve that sent Malkmus and Nasonovich running for cover.

With the match at 2-1, Heidecker’s enthusiasm threw his game out of wack and Pavement ended up winning the next set. To find out who won the match, which was narrated by actor, musician and visual artist John Lurie, make sure you check out the video below.

In other Pavement news, the band recently performed a warmup show in Los Angeles ahead of their September reunion tour. The alt-rock veterans recently unveiled reissues of their final 1999 album Terror Twilight, which was released alongside their Spit on a Stranger EP.

Heidecker, meanwhile, is set to release his upcoming album High School on June 24th. The album includes singles like ‘Buddy’, ‘Punch In The Gut’ and ‘Sirens of Titan’, and will be released ahead of a music and comedy tour commencing in July.