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(Credit: Superorganism)


Superorganism share the dynamic anthem ''

Superorganism - ''

London-based wonky pop masters, Superorganism, have dropped yet another stellar single, ‘’. The new track is the latest offering from the band’s upcoming second album, World Wide Pop, and follows their two previous singles ‘It’s Raining’ and ‘Teenager’.

The track is an incredibly glitchy and dynamic piece, that features some of the band’s trademark surreal production. It’s augmented by the use of a vocoder and an earworm of a chorus, imbuing the song with the twisting heady delight that we love about their music. There’s also the beautiful use of some strings towards the end, and they give the song an anthemic and uplifting climax, providing a foil to the more challenging elements of the song. 

World Wide Pop is shaping up to be one of the most enjoyable records of the year, and I cannot wait. Superorganism are one of the most refreshing groups around, and whilst they might not be for everyone, you cannot doubt that what they are doing is totally unique. 

“It’s a musical journey through the anxieties and isolation that can arise from being an artist, it’s ultimately delicious though,” guitarist Harry explained of the new song.

Vocalist Orono Noguchi added: “I was thinking about Kanye [West] and Elliott Smith a lot (which is most of the time). I wanted to do like a really depressing and personal song but with the most deliciously obnoxious pop packaging. Stuart Price’s production really elevated it to the next level.”

World Wide Pop arrives on July 15th via Domino, and you can pre-order it here. It boasts collaborations with Stephen Malkus and Dylan Cartlidge, who appear on ‘It’s Raining’, as well as Japanese musician/actor Gen Hoshino.

Superorganism are taking World Wide Pop on a UK headline tour later this year, which concludes with a show at London’s Scala on September 21st. Before the tour, the band are booked to deliver a series of UK instore shows to promote the album, one of which will be at Rough Trade East on July 15th in Shoreditch.

Listen to ‘’ below.

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