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Sunn O))) release new customised guitar pedal


Experimental metal band Sunn O))) have unveiled their own customised guitar pedal which has been created in conjunction with their new album Life Metal.

The album, which has been engineered by the great Steve Albini, arrives as the follow-up to 2015’s effort Kannon. Now, teaming up with EarthQuaker Devices of Akron, the band have created their limited edition ‘Life Pedal’.

“LifePedal is an octave distortion and booster built in a custom folded aluminum enclosure. It is faithfully modelled after the classic LM308 “White Face” distortion pedal, right down to the tantalum caps,” EarthQuaker Devices said.

The pedal is limited to a select number and arrive hand numbered wit ha focus on “octave fuzz and distortion with boost” is described as a “100% clean, no-nonsense, high impedance booster that adds very little colour to your tone.”