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Sunflower Bean share energetic new single 'I Don't Have Control Sometimes'

Sunflower Bean - 'I Don't Have Control Sometimes'

Sunflower Bean are gearing up for the release of their much-anticipated album Headful of Sugar. In the meantime, they’ve shared a brand new single, ‘I Don’t Have Control Sometimes’. Snappy, bright and confident, this slice of jangle-pop carries all the luminous vitality that defined the New York trio’s 2020 single ‘Moment In The Sun’. With the extra layer of polish added to this new offering, the group’s songwriting shines all the brighter.

‘I Don’t Have Control Sometimes’ sees frontperson Julia Cumming celebrate moments of recklessness for what they are: periods of growth and self-development. “I don’t care what tomorrow thinks/ Today I’m totally mine,” she sings, her vocals sunk low in a swirl of chorus-drenched guitars and quirky synth melodies.

Opening up about the new single in a recent statement, Cummings explained: “I’ve always thought that my reckless side was both a gift and a curse, leading me to my best choices on stage but my worst choices in life. I don’t have control sometimes is admission, acceptance, and almost celebration of the parts of yourself that are impulsive or maybe even insane.”

Sunflower Bean’s new album Headful of Sugar will be released on May 6th via Lucky Number and sees the group explore the instability of modern life with a wry smile. “Tomorrow is not promised, no tour is promised, no popularity is promised, no health or money is promised,” Cumming says. “Why not make what you want to make on your own terms? Why not make a record that makes you want to dance? Why not make a record that makes you want to scream?”

If ‘I Don’t Have Control Sometimes’ Is anything to go by, Headful Of Sugar will certainly make fans want to throw some discreet indie shapes. Produced and mixed by UMO’s Jacob Portrait and recorded between Electric Lady and Sunflower Bean Studios, the new record is set to be something of an alternative floor filler. Make sure you check out the new single and its accompanying video below.