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(Credit: Ben Kaye)


Sunflower Bean share new single 'Moment in the Sun'

Sunflower Bean - 'Moment in the Sun'

Sunflower Bean have shared their new single ‘Moment in the Sun’, a track which arrives as a glorious tonic to soundtrack the weekend.

The new number marks a sonic departure for the band, one which sees Sunflower Bean transform into a contemporary indie band that appear to be more influenced by current life rather than the 1970s which, until now, has been a staple of their sophomore record Twentytwo In Blue and the previously-released folk-tinted debut Human Ceremony.

What makes Sunflower Bean special is their ability to change things up on every venture, an aspect which makes it impossible to narrow them down to one specific sound and, with that in mind, it’s a genuine joy to hear the band sharing their most upbeat work in a time in which people have never needed the sunshine more. Although the lyrics, at times, feel like recognisable thematic choices: “I don’t need money, I don’t need to be cool/ I’d trade it for a moment in the sun with you”, the band still manage to spread the message of adolescent joviality in a simple, matter of fact way.

Addressing the song and the accompanying video, the band said: “‘Moment In The Sun’ is about finally recognising what is important in one’s life, the people you decide to spend it with. All of these things we distract ourselves with, the never-ending mountain of career climbing, the pursuit of financial success, and the hope that after all that trying you could finally be cool. All of that is meaningless in comparison to one great day, hour, or moment with someone you really love.”

The group continued: “While quarantining together upstate this summer we decided to make a music video for ‘Moment In The Sun’. We thought the best way to visually represent the meaning of the song, while also taking inspiration from this isolating time everyone has been forced to live in, was to create two separate worlds. One world which exists totally inside a home, mostly in a lonely bedroom. The other world exists completely outside in the sun and is made up of memories of a summer love.”

The glistening ‘Moment in the Sun’ is euphoric, catchy and an absolute joy to behold. This upbeat behemoth sees the band step out of their comfort zone but sounds as though it is a position where they belong. Finding thier feet in uncompromising times, an album of vibrant synth-based belters like this would be one of the few great things to come out of 2020.