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Steve-O claims Prince was a "dick" when they met in the 2000s


Steve-O is the latest celebrity to shed light on the cattier side of late glam icon, Prince. During a recent episode of Steve-O’s Wild Ride, the Jackass star recalled how Prince was intensely “condescending” when they met for the first time.

The stuntman/comedian met Prince in the early 2000s before Jackass had become a cult hit. During the podcasts, Steve-O opened up about a special party trick he’d use during this era to win-over A-list celebrities, which basically involved him balancing a cup of booze on his head and then drinking the liquid hands-free.

Speaking with Cheech and Chong star Tommy Chong, Steve-O said: “I met Prince one time. I used to routinely perform tricks for people when I met them if I really wanted to impress them. So I said [to Prince], ‘Oh, let me show you this great trick. I’m gonna balance this drink on my head and then I’m gonna drink it without using my hands.'”

He continued: “I lay down on the ground, pick up the drink off my head with my knees, pick it up with my teeth — He turns to my girlfriend and he says, ‘Does this impress you?’ In the most condescending, frankly dickheaded way. And I was like, ‘Man, Prince is a dick!'”

For Steve-O, the insult was like water off a duck’s back: “You can’t make everybody happy,” he opined. “If anybody knows that, it’s me.” Over the years, Steve-O’s stunts for Jackass have seen him fork out an estimated total of $5,820,000 in hospital bills. Having managed to survive his various dealings with death, the comedian was featured in the latest instalment of the Jackass franchise, Jackass Forever.

In the world of Prince, it has been announced that the late singer’s previously-lost 1986 album Camille is being issued on Jack White’s Third Man Records, marking the first official Prince release since his estate sold their stake in his intellectual property last year.