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Steve Albini’s World Series of Poker win made into new documentary

Steve Albini’s incredible World Series of Poker win is being chronicled into a new documentary entitled Albini Cashes In.

Last year Far Out, reported the news that iconic musician and producer Albini had taken home the World Series of Poker gold bracelet along with the $105,629 prize after beating over 310 other players.

Now, a short film from Poker Central has documented Albini’s rollercoaster of a tournament, depicting the highs and lows he suffered throughout the event.

“I have to admit when the final hand was over and I had all the chips and I had won the tournament, I didn’t really believe that I had won the tournament,” Albini said.

“It’s not something that I had ever really contemplated.” When asked what they did afterward, he said, “I think we went out and got noodles,” he added.

Watch it here: