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Steve Albini condemns Deadheads amid new interview

Steve Albini is a record producer who was worked with everyone from alternative favourites Nirvana to more mainstream acts like Jimmy Page. Albini is famously garrulous on matters that mean the world to him, and he’s thrown his hat into the ring about Juggalos.

“Yes, I’m saying the Juggalos are good,” Albini wrote. “A non-judgmental, inclusive community for people on the fringe, built on a beautiful communion they call ‘family.’ They remind me of punk/queer chosen families and I love them. I haven’t heard much of the music, it’s atrocious. Who cares.”

Deadheads, by contrast, are the more “annoying” sect, while the Juggalos have fewer “lawyers and CEOs”. And although certain aspects of the Juggalos trajectory seems “laughable”, the producer feels that everyone is ripe for mockery and lampooning. Albini has praised the tight-knit Juggalos community as “family”, feeling that they prioritise the many over the individual.

Albini posted an interview with Violent J, where the ICP member issued a mea culpa of sorts for homophobic comments he made in the past. “I tell my daughter,” J said. “‘For the rest of your life, when your friends ask why your dad said that, say it’s because your dad was a fool. Don’t defend me. Say I was a fool then, but I’m not now'”.

Albini has also been critical of notorious podcast host Joe Rogan, especially in light of the hosts’ stance as an “anti-woke” comic. Rogan has made headlines recently, for purportedly spreading misinformation about Covid-19. Albini felt that if Violet J could atone publicly for his past actions, then so can Rogan.

The members of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young have all demanded that Spotify remove their work, collective or individual, as a form of protest against hosting Rogan’s show. Joni Mitchell has also requested that her music be removed, and Stewart Lee – an alternative comedian of some repute – has also made a similar stance.

Former President Donald Trump has spoken in Rogan’s defence, imploring the podcast host to stop apologising in public to his critics. “How many ways can you say you’re sorry? Joe, just go about what you do so well and don’t let them make you look weak and frightened,” Trump said. “That’s not you and it never will be”.