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Steve Albini comments on Ricky Gervais' Netflix special


American musician and producer Steve Albini had a few comments about British comedian Ricky Gervais’ new Netflix special, and he wasn’t afraid to share them freely.

Specifically, Albini called Gervais an “anti-woke trans-bash” comedian, which isn’t even the hottest of takes. Gervais has been criticised in the past for transphobic jokes and other insensitive material in his comedy in the past. 

In his new special, there are the usual jokes one might expect out of Gervais, centring on making fun of trans womens’ appearances, poking at pronouns, and of course, the rape jokes. Regarding this, Steve Albini took to Twitter to discuss his opinions on the matter.

In his thread, he said, “No, I’m not going to watch his special before I say it is fucked up and sucks. I have seen fucked up things that suck before and I already know the joke. They only have the one joke. Anti-woke trans-bash comedians are cultivating an audience I want very much not to be a part of.”

He continues, “I used to like Ricky Gervais. His comedy hinted that he disliked the part of himself he indulged so flagrantly, the boorish, selfish unaware part. Him playing an oblivious creep was a necessary element of comedy critical of being oblivious.”

“Ricky Gervais got comfortable inducing groans, learned to do it like a trick, got famous and wealthy from it.” He goes on to say, “Eventually he saw the groans as the point, and in enlightened circles, the way to induce groans is to disdain enlightenment and be a bigoted piece of shit.”

Regardless of your take on cancel culture, it’s clear that Albini has a point—Gervais knows what he’s doing by now, and it’s more than likely that he’s leaning into it.

If you want to check out the entire thread, you can find it linked down below.