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(Credit: Sam Hiscox)


Sorry share dizzy new track 'Don't Be Scared'

Sorry - 'Don't Be Scared'

Sorry have surprise released their new pandemic EP, Twixtustwain, with dizzy opener ‘Don’t Be Scared’ arriving as Far Out’s ‘Track of the Day’.

The new release is the first EP from the genre-defying north Londoners since they dropped their acclaimed debut effort, 925, in 2020 — just a week into the pandemic. A couple of weeks ago, they broke their silence by making their welcomed comeback with two tracks, ‘Cigarette Packet’ and ‘Seperate’.

It wasn’t known if the pair of songs were part of a wider project at the time, but today the group have shared Twixtustwain. The EP begins in an airy fashion with ‘Don’t Be Scared’ that sees Asha Lorenz and Louis O’Bryen’s share vocal duties in what is an undoubted highlight of the impressive three new tracks.

There’s an undercooked feel to the EP, which gives it a sense of intimacy, and Sorry don’t hide behind any lavish production. Their minimalist approach allows Lorenz and O’Bryens voices to flourish. This technique pays off across the release, but on ‘Don’t Be Scared’, there’s a conversational aspect to the lyricism, which is where Sorry truly excel and the painful authenticity shines through.

The five-piece have also shared the official digital release of their two 2017 mixtapes Home Demo/ns Vol. I and Home Demo/ns Vol. II. After reworking the material and removing the samples across the releases, Sorry fans can now listen to tracks without the band getting a lawsuit through the post.

Speaking about the new EP, Sorry said: “The Twixtustwain songs, shapes and forms are more odd and misshaped to fit around the mantra type lyrical lines. They are smaller ideas that we wanted to explore and put out between albums to follow from the Home Demo/ns. Then we’ve wanted Home Demons up for a while too, so more people can enjoy them now. They also show the songs / ideas that developed into 925.”

The EP is defiantly weird, and Sorry stick to their guns by staying true to themselves by offering up another handful of twisted pop anthems. Sorry don’t fit in any box right now, they have architected a distinct sound that proves there is always room for ingenuity, and originality is still the most valuable currency.

Stream the songs, below.