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(Credit: Michael Spencer Jones)


The song that Noel Gallagher used as inspiration for ‘Some Might Say’

Noel Gallagher’s musical inspirations probably don’t come as much of a shock these days. We know the Oasis songwriter to be a Beatles mega fan, having once said: “They mean a great deal to me musically; they’re just the greatest thing in music that ever was.”

So too, do we know of Gallagher’s love for The Smiths, having previously said the fellow Manchester outfit would be the only band he would consider joining now: “If The Smiths got back together, I’m Craig Gannon, and I’d go to Johnny and say don’t get another guitarist mate – I’m your man.”

Noel Gallagher is a man we think we have sussed, at least in terms of his musical inspiration — we are certainly still surprised by some of the things that come out of his mouth. Yet, in interview footage, he has revealed that his musical tastes go far beyond what we expect them to.

“Heard of a band called Grant Lee Buffalo? [pause] Nobody does,” Gallagher proclaims. “So they were like an American indie band, after grunge. They were kinda, I’m not a fan right, but they had this tune called ‘Fuzzy’. You can see that it’s been a big influence on ‘Some Might Say’. I’ll obsess about a song for years and I’ll rip it off twelve times and get fucking twelve different tunes out of it.”

Grant Lee Buffalo were formed in 1991, following a lineup change of their previous band, Shiva Burlesque. They went on to release four studio albums and toured with REM, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins and The Cranberries. They split in 1999 before making a return during a brief touring stint between 2011 and 2012.

So despite, in typical Oasis fashion, turning his nose up a little at a band he ultimately likes – try as he might to deny it – Gallagher reveals to us here the process of his songwriting; namely, nicking a little bit from here and a bit from there, normally a few chord progressions or a bit of melody.

‘Some Might Say’ was the first single released from Oasis’ world-conquering second studio album, (What’s the Story) Morning Glory, in 1995. It gave Oasis their first number one single on the UK Singles Chart. It was also the last release to feature Tony McCarroll – the original Oasis drummer – before he was replaced by Alan White. White would go on to record drums on the rest of (What’s the Story) Morning Glory.

“Everything that I do is a nod to something or other,” added Gallagher in the interview. “I’m not a genius. I’m a fan of music, do you know what I mean? I’ve got a good knack, you know, of putting shit together, but I’m not a snob about where it comes from. I’ll tell ya.”

So evidently, Noel Gallagher is a music fan first and foremost, regardless of what it is and where it comes from. It may be too easy to just constantly refer to The Beatles’ influence on his songwriting. Gallagher has a gift, an undeniable penchant for writing rock hits, and as such, he has a music taste that goes far beyond what, well, some might say.

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