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The song Pete Townshend hates "more than anything on Earth"

The relationship between The Who’s Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey is extremely peculiar. There’s no doubt they are Ying and Yang, but they both need each other to survive. Daltrey is also the reason why Townshend hates one song by The Who “more than anything on Earth”.

“There’s a deep connection between the two of us, but we’re not in-our-pocked friends, you know, it’s not like that,” Daltrey admitted in 2021 about their relationship. “But the creative process that we can conjure up between us is incredibly healthy, and there’s an awful lot of love in that relationship, that’s all I can say.”

Despite the “awful lot of love” they share between them, there’s no denying that there’s no person that annoys Daltrey more on the planet than Townshend and vice versa. It’s almost like they were designed in a lab to irritate each other, but somehow, they work together magnetically.

For the making of their 2019 album, Who, the two men would record their parts in different rooms. This method reduced tension and also pivotally meant they wouldn’t fight each other. However, Townshend can’t avoid Daltrey when The Who performs live, which is why he can no longer tolerate two beloved tracks from their back catalogue.

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Opening up about his least favourite songs to play live, The Who guitarist once revealed: “‘Dreaming From The Waist’ is the song I hate more than anything on Earth. In fact, I think I hate it most because it’s a song which Roger used to like to play.”

‘Dreaming From The Waist’ featured on the band’s 1975 album, The Who By Numbers, and was even elected as a single. Townshend’s dissent toward the track is wholly down to Daltrey’s adoration of it, and remarkably there’s one song which he hates performing even more.

Townshend added: “I think actually ‘Sister Disco’ qualifies, yeah ‘Sister Disco’ I hate even more than ‘Dreaming From The Waist’ because there is a point in which every time we’ve done it where Roger comes over to me, stands next to me and makes some kind of soppy smile, which is supposed to communicate some kind of Everly Brothers relationship we have for the audience, which isn’t actually there.”

He continued: “It’s supposed to be an act where I’m supposed to collude like ‘we know each other very well we look like enemies but we are friends really’ kind of look. Often that will be the moment where I look him in the face and go ‘you fucking wanker’ and he gets angry when I do that.”

Watch the footage below of The Who performing ‘Sister Disco’ below, and see if you can pinpoint the moment when Townshend’s inner rage almost takes over him.