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(Credit: Brian Ziff)


Soccer Mommy release new track 'newdemo'

Soccer Mommy - 'newdemo'

American indie rocker Sophie Allison, better known under the moniker Soccer Mommy, has returned with the latest preview of her upcoming studio album Sometimes, Forever with the new track ‘newdemo’.

“I didn’t want to make something super depressing without any sense of magic,” Allison explained in a statement. “We played around with the space to make the song feel vast, so ‘newdemo’ had a huge transformation in the studio. It’s one of my favourites off of the record.”

After previous singles like ‘Shotgun’ and ‘Bones’ raised expectations, ‘newdemo’ keeps Allison’s hot streak going with an appropriately lo-fi and fuzzy track. With acoustic guitar strums rubbing up against wacky filters, buzzy keyboard lines, and a kaleidoscope of random sounds that float in and out of the song’s arrangement, ‘newdemo’ is more expansive and downright stranger than most of what the singer-songwriter has done in the past.

There’s a really great pop song somewhere at the centre of ‘newdemo’, but Allison does everything she can to obscure it. That includes chopping up its form, throwing in backwards noises, and even giving the song its offhand title. But Allison’s abilities as a songwriter can’t be ignored – there’s still plenty of what remains of that great pop song that survives on the final version of ‘newdemo’.

Overall, the track isn’t as impactful, or at least as immediately impactful, as some of the album’s other singles. But it’s a welcome bit of variety that is making Sometimes, Forever seem like it’s shaping up to be the pinnacle of Allison’s brief career so far. Everything’s pointing at the new LP being a high water mark and one of the year’s best albums, but we’ll just have to hear for ourselves when it drops a little later this month.

Check out the video for ‘newdemo’ down below. Sometimes, Forever is set for a July 26th release.