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(Credit: Leon McCullogh)


Smoothboi Ezra shares new EP and new single 'Without Me'

Smoothboi Ezra - 'Without Me'

Irish indie artist Smoothboi Ezra has released their latest EP Stuck and is celebrating with a new video for the song ‘Without Me’.

In the varied pantheon of songs titled ‘Without Me’, Smoothboi Ezra’s slots above Eminem’s ‘Without Me’, below Halsey’s ‘without me’, slightly above Collective Soul’s ‘Without Me’, and slightly below Fantasia’s ‘Without Me’. I will not be taking questions at this time. If Smoothboi Ezra releases a remix with contributions from Missy Elliot and/or Kelly Rowland like Fantasia’s ‘Without Me’, I will consider adjusting my rankings.

We’ve been on the Stuck train since Ezra released the title track roughly a month ago. If ‘Stuck’ the song was a mournful look back at a failed relationship, ‘Without Me’ keeps the downtrodden lowness and sadboi aesthetic consistent with the rest of the EP’s content, specifically tracks ‘You’ and ‘Palm of Your Hand’.

“It’s about trying to come to terms with not being that person’s number one anymore,” Ezra explains about ‘Without Me’. “My autism makes it hard for me to remember how I feel about people when they’re not right in front of me,” they explain. “I have very little emotional object permanence, which makes it hard to feel loved by people but also makes it hard for me to let the people I love know and feel my love for them.”

There’s something to be said for channelling all the thoughts you can’t properly express in person through other mediums, whether they be art or writing or music or any other form of expression. Ezra provides the listener with a window into the unique way they think and feel, something that can be incredibly scary but also amazingly cathartic.

Check out the video for ‘Without Me’ down below. Stuck is available to stream right now.