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(Credit: Nicholas O’Donnell)


Smoothboi Ezra releases new song 'Stuck'


Alt-pop auteur Smoothboi Ezra has released a new downtrodden track ‘Stuck’, the first release from the upcoming EP of the same name, which will be available in the coming months.

“‘Stuck’ is a song about being in a relationship with someone you care a lot about but you know it’s not going to work out,” says Ezra. “It’s an unsaid mutual agreement that you can feel the relationship ending but you’re both waiting on the other person to end it.”

The song is a mournful and emotional summation of the kind of relationship that we’ve all been in at some point. The wistful beauty in the gently strummed chords and melancholic minutia of the lyrics transcend Ezra’s goofy alias.

It’s not like Ezra doesn’t have a sense of humour, after all. ‘A Shitty Gay Song About You’ is a lo-fi stinger about pretending to like songs and trying to adapt yourself to their likes and interests. It’s got a winking meta quality that Ezra carries into just about every song, ‘Stuck’ included. Through the artist’s lyrics, album art, and general aesthetic, you get a fairly unique figure in the indie scene.

At only 19, Ezra has already made waves with a number of tracks that sit perfectly at the crossroads between bedroom pop and alt-rock. ‘Familiar Sadness Is Too Comforting’, ‘Messing With My Head’, and ‘Alone Again’ have all blazed a path for the young artist, and it’s easy to cheer for an up and coming indie musician that doesn’t even pretend to put on a mainstream veneer. Intimate and dispassionately cool, Ezra is on the rise and should see a breakthrough relatively soon.

Take a look at the ‘Stuck’ video down below. The Stuck EP is due to be released on June 11th.