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slowthai shares details on his new album 'Nothing Great About Britain'


One of the hottest prospect son the UK Grime scene for most of 2018 and all of this year has been slowthai. The Northampton born rapper is a mainstay for any music aficionado and this year will be thrust into the limelight of public consciousness with his newly announced album Nothing Great About Britain, which drop on May 17th.

In an interview with Apple Music’s Beats 1 radio show host, Julie Adenuga opened up about the new album and premiered the brand new track ‘Gorgeous’. He also compared the new LP to a Sunday Roast and shared his love for John Lennon, and hate for Theresa May.

When asked about the album, he responded: “I’m bringing you the real. It’s like a Sunday roast. Most people can’t even finish that meal. But here’s the gravy…I haven’t made bangers. I don’t want to be one of them with an album, I don’t want to make a mix tape. I could make bangers all day. It’s boring. I want to tell a story. It’s been done. And everyone sounds the same. This is sound, I’ll just try making it sound different with the help of my friends, we made it.”

What should we expect from ‘Nothing Great About Britain’? “I think what you should expect is the unexpected. It’s interpretation, so it’s, however you take it, but there should be something on there that relates to people, or every person in the world. There’ll be something on there for everyone. I’m not saying every song is for everyone, but there’ll be a song that highlights and related to you.”

Following on that circulated about working with Mike Skinner Adenuga also asked him whether there was anyone he’d like to collaborate with? “No one. Except for John Lennon, but I can’t revive him, so it’s a tough one. I don’t know, everyone I wanted on it, I’ve got on it.”

He went on to discuss Theresa May: “I was, I actually was DMing Theresa, and she won’t get back to me. I swear down, I put it on my story. I been saying baby, come on. Let’s settle our differences. I was like, me and you, we need to talk on behalf of our people… She’s ignorant, man… It’s probably got three 6’s in it [what Teresa’s number is]. No, I’m joking. She’s actually really lovely. And I bet she probably can, no she can’t [make a roast]”

The full interview is pretty damn perfect.