slowthai shares new video for the gritty 'Doorman'


 may be one of the most vitriolic artists in the game right now. That kind of accolade normally comes with a disappointing caveat, but luckily for us,  is 100% the real McCoy, his new song ‘Doorman’ is a testament to that. The new video just slams a few hefty nails in the coffin. 

Seeing one of the grittiest MCs around team up with a producer like Mura Masa normally equals a shining beat being added to an otherwise dirty prospect. But in ‘Doorman’, the follow-up to last month’s ‘Rainbows’, Mura Masa actually points slowthai toward some roughnecked guitars and a buzz so deep that it would scare a chainsaw or two. 

It’s modern Britain on a Friday night and all the old favourites are here: cigarettes, unrequited love, lust, doormen, violence and drugs. But with the addition of slowthai to this otherwise normal weekend scene the extra cut-throat repression of the class system is added to the pot.

In a press release,  stated that he wrote the song after noticing a multi-million-pound painting on a wall in London and  the huge gap in wealth between people like him and the ruling 1%. That disdain permeates every note, every sample, and every reference.