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slowthai shares new song 'Rainbow'

Northampton rapper slowthai has been lighting up the underground scene for a while but made his thrust into the public consciousness with his recent EP RUNT. His new track ‘Rainbow’ is another stark reminder of his talent.

If you’re a little slow on the uptake with slowthai then you need to catch up. The rapper is the embodiment of youth culture in Britain. He transcends style, flows, genre and class structures, and racial barriers through his distinctly working-class sound.

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The new track ‘Rainbow’ is an obvious attempt to discuss the latter in more detail as slowthai talks about Britain’s rainbow. It’s another highlighting characteristic of slowthai who is showing that conscious rap doesn’t need to be soft.

His flow is dappled and nuanced, his lyrics are as sharp as the dirt in your scraped knees and just as likely to infect you with a sense of inner dread at the society we’re breeding.

Take a listen to slowthai’s newest track ‘Rainbow’ below.