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Slowthai and The Streets' Mike Skinner are working on new music together


One of the hottest talents on the UK grime scene is slowthai. An artist determined to challenge the norm in every output he has often been seen as more of a punk artist than an MC such is his fervent musical punch. Where slowthai may be the future of the UK scene he has teamed up with one of the Godfathers, Mike Skinner to work on some new music.

Speaking on Matt Wilkinson’s Beats 1 Radio show, the rapper was asked about the similarities between his and Skinner’s music. Slowthai replied “It’s a similar thing, Birmingham [Skinner’s home city] didn’t click with him when he first around, and same as Northampton – they didn’t really click with me. It’s like the city [and] the hipsters first – they’re like, ‘Yeah! This is the cool thing’.”

He went on to say that a collaboration between the two was very likely, “Definitely. There’s a couple of things in the pipeline already.” He went on to say that Skinner had even visited his mum’s house calling her a “fangirl”.

With brilliant debut EP RUNT already a firm favourite in the Far Out offices, we’re super excited to see the debut LP from the Northampton man and predict it could be one of the best of the year.

Look at the clip below.

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