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Slowthai and A$AP Rocky share blistering new track 'Mazza'

Slowthai ft. A$AP Rocky - 'Mazza'

Slowthai has shared the third offering taken off his upcoming sophomore album, TYRON, featuring a show-stealing cameo from A$AP Rocky.

‘Mazza’ is the liveliest song taken from the record so far and the two mercurial talents from different sides of the Atlantic bring a different flavour to the delicious beat that Slowthai helped cook up himself and his friend, SAMO. The Northampton rapper lets off steam on the track, unleashing fury as he waxes lyrical about his plans for a wild night, which seem like a distant memory as we enter another year of uncertainty. Still, the track offers a snapshot reminder of the fun times that are ahead.

The track is the first snippet that Slowthai has shared from the first half of his forthcoming record. The first seven tracks showcase the more energetic side to the rapper, and the uncaged instinctive part of him gets him in a spot of trouble. The two previous singles from the record, ‘nhs’ and ‘feel away’, both have a melancholy feel to them which characterises the other part of Slowthai’s split personality which TYRON aims to celebrate.

Meanwhile, the 26-year-old revealed that he wouldn’t postpone the album as people now need art more than ever. “It’s almost a year since this virus took hold of our world and shattered the lives of thousands,” he wrote. “Deaths, unemployment, rise in domestic abuse and suicide, business closures, educational crisis and a rise in homelessness to name a few of the overwhelming negatives this pandemic has caused.”

Slowthai then touched on his mental health struggles throughout the pandemic and said he “wanted to let you know that you’re not alone if you feel the same,” he explained, before adding: “Stay positive and look forward on ways in which we can come out of this and make this whole world a better place for every one of us.”

He concluded: “Films, art and music have helped me most in my darkest moments and with the majority of this album being made last year I would hope that it can help someone as a distraction amongst the chaos and shift their mindset positively.”

‘Mazza’ has caused even more intrigue about TYRON as the rapper shares the first taster from the first side of the highly anticipated record and it’s a drastic shift from the previous two singles. Whether Slowthai’s follow-up to Nothing Great About Britain will be received with as much love or adoration as his debut remains to be seen, but, it’s shaping up to be a fascinating record.