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(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)


Have fans uncovered the identity of Slipknot's 'Tortilla Man'?


In a new video, fans have seemingly uncovered the identity of Slipknot’s newest member, the percussionist dubbed ‘Tortilla Man’ by fans. Take a look below at their thinking.

Theories have been circulating the band’s members’ identities since their inception and their newest member was no different. Joining the band following the unceremonious departure of the previous percussionist Chris Fehn, new member ‘Tortilla Man’ had been under the sam scrutiny.

Dubbed ‘Tortilla Man’ for the shape and texture of their mask, the new member’s identity has not yet been officially revealed leading to multiple theories. Now though, there seems to be some nearly concrete evidence.

The search for ‘Tortilla Man’ intensified when Slipknot guitarist Jim Root told The Art And Span Show that they were not only a “world class pianist” but also “a great percussionist” and expertly “schooled in music.”

That led one Reddit user to surmise that the new member was Michael Pfaff, the former keyboardist of The Snacks (who recently replaced their keyboardist after Slipknot’s album schedule began) and ‘Knot member ‘Clown’s other band Dirty Little Rabbit, was the clear choice.

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A YouTube Slipknot News fansite has now seemingly confirmed that theory with video-footage of the band entering the airport ahead of their now-infamous slot at Knotfest Mexico. The footage appears to show Pfaff among the band’s touring entourage. Coincidence? Surely not?