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Listen to Slipknot’s intense new single ‘The Chapeltown Rag’

Slipknot - 'The Chapeltown Rag'

Shock-metal icons Slipknot have returned with a brand new single, ‘The Chapeltown Rag’. Fans have been hotly anticipating new music after frontman Corey Taylor confirmed last month that new music was imminent.

Taking to the band’s official Twitter, the group shared a link to an interview with Knotfest in which they revealed that ‘The Chapeltown Rag’ was a “punisher” of a song, and that this would be the surprise that the band promised fans for their Los Angeles show today, November 5th.

Preceding tonight’s huge show, Slipknot released ‘The Chapeltown Rag’ as a single. It’s fast-paced and visceral and harks back to the Iowa era of the band, with flecks of black and speed metal. It is claimed that the song is named after the Leeds suburb of Chapeltown, where some of the infamous Yorkshire Ripper murders occurred. It hears the band “detail the intersection of serial killers, social media, and self-discovery”.

The band have also claimed that this is the beginning of “their next era of domination”, adding: “It’s frenetic. But lyrically, it’s coming from a point of talking about the various manipulations that can happen when social media meets media itself,” Taylor explained. “And the different ways that these manipulations can try to pull us in different directions, in the fact that we’re all becoming addicts to it, which is very, very dangerous.”

“I don’t know if it’s because we felt like we were taking everything for granted,” he continued. “And getting it back has made us come together even stronger as a band, or whatever. But we’re all getting along so well. It feels like it did when we first started touring.”

He concluded: “When we first started touring, we were really tight and we all did everything together. Then obviously, as time went on, our personalities got bigger and our addictions got bigger. We all pulled apart in a lot of different ways and it was hard to get back to that. But now, it almost feels like it’s come full circle.”

The band’s last album ‘We Are Not Your Kind’ was released in 2019. A number one hit on the album charts, fans are hoping that the new Slipknot material will carry on their return to form, and given how brilliant ‘The Chapeltown Rag’ is, it certainly seems that way.

Listen to ‘The Chapeltown Rag’ below.