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Sleater-Kinney share new single 'Worry With You'

Sleater-Kinney - 'Path of Wellness'
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Carrie Brownstein and Corin Tucker have returned as Sleater-Kinney to announce a new album titled Path of Wellness. The band also dropped the album’s first single, ‘Worry With You’.

I’m very conflicted about the new Sleater-Kinney material. On one hand, they’re one of the most legendary and low-key groundbreaking bands of the past thirty years. They’ve settled into their position as arbiters of feminist punk rock, and anyone who doesn’t acknowledge their greatness is no friend of mine. But like any fan, the way that drummer Janet Weiss was squeezed out of the band doesn’t sit well with me. It makes Tucker and Brownstein come off as unconcerned with their bandmate’s musical input at best and strangely manipulative at worst. Sleater-Kinney is a band that should inspire hope and progress and butt-kicking badassery, not uneasy and internal dissension.

‘Worry With You’ is a good song. Not as good as anything on All Hands on the Bad One or Dig Me Out or No Cities to Love, but it’s good. It’s not a wholesale experimentation with the band’s sound and image like their last LP, the St. Vincent produced The Center Won’t Hold, but it’s not a complete return to their roots as a punk trio either. Instead, it’s a fuzzy, catchy, easy to like groove that gets me in the zone to listen to Sleater-Kinney again, which is always a welcome zone to be in, even if it comes with some mixed feelings these days.

Watch the video for ‘Worry With You’ down below. Path of Wellness is set for a June 11 release date. You can check out the tracklisting down below as well.

Path of Wellness Tracklisting:

1. Path Of Wellness
2. High in the Grass
3. Worry With You
4. Method
5. Shadow Town
6. Favorite Neighbor
7. Tomorrow’s Grave
8. No Knives
9. Complex Female Characters
10. Down The Line
11. Bring Mercy