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(Credit: Zackery Michael)


St. Vincent shares new single 'Down'

St. Vincent - 'Down'

St. Vincent has continued to tease her forthcoming new album, Daddy’s Home, with her velvety new single, ‘Down’.

The album title derives from her father’s release from prison after serving a sentence for white-collar crime. Still, the three singles released so far fail to overtly allude to the subject that’s got everybody talking. St. Vincent, AKA Annie Clark, first announced the record back in March with the glitzy comeback single, ‘Pay Your Way In Pain,’ and her return was a welcomed one.

The single was followed with the wistful ballad, ‘The Melting Of The Sun’, but ‘Down’ is a funktastic effort that sees St. Vincent back doing what she does best.

Annie Clark previously described the album as “the sound of being down and out Downtown in New York, 1973. Glamour that hasn’t slept for three days.”

There’s no shortage of warped glamour on ‘Down’, and it’s the strongest track shared by Clark from her forthcoming sixth album. There’s an infectious chorus, and her divine relationship with melody is clear for all to see, which makes it a thrilling listen.

In one moment, Clark flawless spidering vocals and in the next instant on the bridge, she fiercely snarls: “Go get your own shit, Get off of my tit, Go face your demons, Check into treatment, Go flee the country, Go blame your daddy, Just get far away from me.”

The combination of Jack Antonoff and St. Vincent is a delight. The duo co-produced the track together, and their partnership continues to coax out a luxurious sound out of Clark like on 2017’s Masseducation.

There’s no hiding the ’70s influence that perches heavily over ‘Down’, and St. Vincent might not be reinventing the wheel. Still, the amalgamation of the hand-crafted killer chorus and a truckful of funky energy thrown into the track makes it impossible not to enjoy.