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(Credit: Zackery Michael)


St. Vincent releases retro video for 'The Melting of The Sun'


St. Vincent has revealed her new music video for the second single, ‘The Melting of The Sun’ in support of her upcoming sixth album, Daddy’s Home, due to be released May 14th.

The new music video was co-directed by St. Vincent and Bill Benz. Chris McD created the animation within an interesting mix of Schoolhouse rock and The Yellow Submarine. 

“[That song] in particular is a love letter to strong, brilliant female artists,” St. Vincent said of ‘The Melting of the Sun’ in a new interview with Rolling Stone. “Each of them survived in an environment that was in a lot of ways hostile to them,” she added in reference to female icons such as Joni Mitchell and Marilyn Monroe “People tried to quiet them when they were saying something that was righteous or true or hard to hear,” she continued.

There is a childish innocence to the video of which its retro aesthetic contributes to the overall beautiful experience.  

‘The Melting of the Sun’ follows her first single, ‘Pay Your Way in Pain’, released last month and both feature on her forthcoming sixth-studio album Daddy’s Home. The album is about her father’s release from prison after serving a sentence for white-collar crime.

Clark previously described the album as “the sound of being down and out Downtown in New York, 1973. Glamour that hasn’t slept for three days.” That sentiment certainly exists on ‘The Melting Of The Sun’, where St. Vincent has reached far and wide to try to replicate that essence of vintage cool on the track.

Watch the video, below.