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Sinkane shares new video for ‘Young Trouble’


Sinkane shares new video for ‘Young Trouble’

With his European tour now in full swing, Sinkane has shared an experimental new video for recent album track, ‘Young Trouble’.

For the ‘Young Trouble’ video directors Philip Di Fiore and Christopher J. Lytwyn shot footage of Sinkane’s performance, before putting their inspired plans in to action.

Di Fiore and Lytwyn took the footage they shot and ran it through a series of musical instruments. As the footage ran through the keyboards and guitar pedals, Di Fiore “played” the footage by playing the keys of the keyboard and turning the knobs of the guitar pedals.

Di Fiore said: “We took our inspiration from photographers, filmmakers and video-makers who have dared to be playful and curious by altering, distorting and messing with their work in order to find out what can happen when you push a medium outside of its comfort zone.

“We were able to get beautiful combinations of colours and waves of light which moved with the musicians – as if we filmed the band live at the Aurora Borealis.”