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Sinkane - Yacha

Track of the Day for Saturday is a truly danceable number taken from Ohio-based soul master Sinkane’s new album Mean Love.

‘Yacha’ sees Sinkane take the funkiest of basslines and surround it with immersive and broad-spanning production that should be enough to tickle the fancy of enthusiasts of the mainstream and underground in equal measure.

The marriage of his falsetto vocal and kicked-back guitar part conjure distant memories of Curtis Mayfield, while an opening riff that is virtually impossible to get out of your head even has echoes of Stevie Wonder’s ‘Higher Ground’.

But there’s something going on that runs a little deeper here. ‘Yacha’ – and Mean Love as a whole – takes the plunge into areas of mysterious psychedelia that would have been a little more alien to Mayfield back in his heyday, perhaps more akin to space-jazz pioneers like Marshall Allen or Pharoah Sanders.

With influence taken from reggae, folk and gospel also thrown into the mix, it’s a genre-hopping balance that’s usually hard to strike, but this is an almost template demonstration of how to do it, and do it well.

 Patrick Davies