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Simon Pegg named his favourite film of all time

Simon Pegg has emerged as a top comedic talent due to his excellent performances in Edgar Wright’s iconic Cornetto trilogy which has become one of the most beloved comedy series of all time. While his on-screen combination with Nick Frost has played a huge part in shaping his acting persona, Pegg has also worked on various other projects.

Born in Gloucestershire, Pegg studied literature, cinema, theatre and television during his high school as well as university years. In fact, he had pretty fascinating scholarly interests and actually did his thesis on the Marxist analyses of 1970s cinema before eventually selecting a different career path.

Later in his life, Pegg revealed that he once had dreams of being a dramatic actor but he realised that there was a lot more freedom in the world of stand-up comedy. Starting out in television productions, Pegg’s collaborations with Edgar Wright and Nick Frost have gained a lot of popularity but he has forged ahead with new projects like Mission Impossible and Lost Transmissions.

In an interview, Pegg was asked to name the film that had the most impact on his own work and he replied: “I think Raising Arizona is one of my favourite films, from the Coen Brothers.  It’s just a brilliant film and taught me as a filmmaker that it doesn’t just have to be the script that’s funny.  The camera work can be funny, the direction can be funny.”

While Pegg has cited other works like Star Wars, Taxi Driver and Annie Hall on other occasions, he claimed that it was this delightful crime comedy by the Coen brothers that influenced his own comic sensibilities. Featuring Nicolas Cage in one of the best performances of his life, Raising Arizona is also one of the Coen brothers’ greatest achievements.

Cage is fantastic as Hi, an ex-con who embarks on a wild journey to kidnap a child in order to make his infertile happy. However, they soon realise that they have gotten too deep into uncharted territory when their small world crashes around them due to so many unforeseen complications that are hard to keep track of.

Speaking about the film, Pegg also stated that his love for Raising Arizona helped him bond with Wright. “We learned a lot of lessons from Raising Arizona and I think you can see that movie in our movies sometimes.  I think that’s one of the reasons that me and Edgar Wright bonded, because we have a love of that movie,” he said.

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