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Simon Pegg reveals the one Edgar Wright character he wants to reprise

Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright have enjoyed a fantastic collaborative career that will be crystallised forever in the form of gems like Shaun of the Dead. Possessing what has been labelled as “the Holy Grail of nerd-dom”, Pegg has managed to carve out a space for himself in the oversaturated world of contemporary comedy due to his unique sensibilities.

In fact, it was a collaboration between Pegg and Wright that propelled him to unprecedented fame. That project was called Spaced, a sitcom from 1999 which was created by Pegg and Jessica Stevenson while Wright came on board as the director. The show starred the creators in the leading roles, with another frequent collaborator Nick Frost also starring as Pegg’s best friend.

Over the course of their careers, Pegg and Wright have worked together on various films such as Hot Fuzz and the classic Shaun of the Dead which many refer to as the apotheosis of Pegg’s acting career. He was fantastic as the titular character – a boring man stuck at a dead-end job who is more lifeless than literal zombies during a zombie apocalypse.

In a recent interview, Pegg spoke about the one character from an Edgar Wright film he would want to play again. While many would expect him to go back to Shaun of the Dead, Pegg doesn’t want to revisit that film and neither does Wright as he has publicly stated that he is not going to return to the genre that made him famous – horror comedy.

Instead, Pegg revealed that he actually wants to play Gary King from The World’s End again, an alcoholic wastrel who never really moved on from the juvenile antics of his youth. While all his friends have graduated to stable lives and relationships, he tries to ignite a spark within them by bringing them together for a pub crawl.

“I’d love to play Gary King again from The World’s End because I really, really loved playing that character,” Pegg explained, “And Edgar and I tend not to dwell on the past. We don’t sort of do sequels to our movies because we just always want to just keep things moving, do different things. And people always ask us about sequels, and we always say no.”

He went on to add that he had already envisioned what a sequel would like and wanted to pitch it: “I think that will always be the case, but in an imaginary kind of scenario where we did do a sequel, I would definitely do a kind of post-apocalyptic World’s End sequel with Gary off in the wilderness with his blank friends fighting.”