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(Credit: Michael Schmelling)

Sharon Van Etten drops new single 'Used To It'

Sharon Van Etten - 'Used To It'

American indie rocker Sharon Van Etten has returned with her second new single of 2022 in ‘Used To It’.

Van Etten originally wrote the song as a part of her contributions to the score for Baby God, the 2020 HBO documentary that follows a criminal doctor who used his own sperm when artificially inseminating his patients. Van Etten’s song never made it to the film, but now it finally sees the light of day.

“Ultimately, the film team changed their musical direction, but I found myself welcomely challenged to the idea of writing a song about the concept of family, connection through blood, nature vs nurture, while attempting to incorporate ideas of love and the complexities of science and technology,” Van Etten explains in a press release.

“I am grateful for this song to be able to have a new life,” she continues, “relating more to the times we have all been living through and redefining the meaning of this song by focusing on the positives of seeking connection and understanding what family means to the individual.”

As steely and synthetic as her previous single ‘Porta’, ‘Used To It’ adds another blow to Van Etten’s folk-influenced indie rock sound. As bare-bones as can be, ‘Used To It’ features drum machines and synthesisers that sound like they are being beamed in from a distant planet. There’s no adornment to Van Etten’s poetic verses or her lilting melodies, but she proves that her adeptness and adaptability extends beyond the style of music that most listeners associate her with.

Does that make ‘Used To It’ a great song? “Great” might be too strong, considering how the swirl of synths become formless after a while, but Van Etten still knows how to stir up emotions in unexpected ways. ‘Used To It’ might not be an all-timer, but it’s more than just a pleasant diversion too. It’s the kind of song that sticks with you and grows, even if it doesn’t quite connect on its first time through.

Check out the video for ‘Used To It’ down below.