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Severe weather forces Desert Daze festival to pull Tame Impala off stage

Desert Daze festival took the decision to cut short their opening night following a severe thunderstorm.

The ramifications of the decision meant that a member of staff was forced to walk on stage during Tame Impala’s set and stop the show after just three songs.

“Due to safety concerns regarding dangerous weather, we are asking all guests to immediately exit the Desert Daze grounds and return to their cars and seek shelter. We ask that you stay in your cars and remain calm,” organisers tweeted during the event.

“We intend to continue on, but first need to consult with police and safety officials. Again, we ask all to leave the grounds immediately and seek shelter. For those of you who do not have cars, please find a brick and mortar building on site or a friendly car that will take you in. This includes all campers.”

Initially, organisers postponed Tame Impala’s set after they were stopped after just 15 minutes of their headline slot before revealing that it had in fact been cancelled.

“We’ve been advised by the meteorologist that the current lightning-containing storm cells will last throughout the night,” organizers tweeted. “Chances are this storm will be passing by morning. Therefore, we strongly advise AGAINST sleeping in your tent due to the threat of lightning.”

Tame Impala said they were “devastated” about the situation: